Keeping Up With The 7th Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival has developed into one of the largest light art festivals in Europe

The Amsterdam Light Festival normally starts from the last week of November and continues till the first few weeks of January. It is needless to say that this festival is rather long, but it is totally worth it. This year is going to be the 7th Light Festival.

There are over 36 artworks and installations from a number of different international and national artists.

As the name suggests, all of the exhibits and artworks in the Light Festival and light incorporated in them and that is what makes it so amazing to see at night.

This festival does an excellent job of adding beauty to the city, especially during the darkest months of November these bright lights really lighten up your mood. All of the sculptures are created by some of the best artists the world has ever seen and that just makes things a lot more interesting. This year is going to be quite special because there is going to be a special artwork in place that is created by the renowned Asian artist  and activist Ai Weiwei, it is going to be the longest art piece that has ever been displayed during the festival.

Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist and activist

One of the best things about this festival is that it takes place both on land and water. This means that there are more than a few ways to enjoy this festival. If you are going to tour the festival on foot or on a bicycle then you are going to see different artworks. But if you take a boat ride then the experience is going to be completely different. The light sculptures on their own are amazing but paired with the reflections in the water the experience gets loads better.

If you have your own canal boat, then you can easily gather a few friends and set out into the canal once it’s getting dark. But if you don’t have your own boat then you might be able to hire someone else. It is not necessary to look at everything in one night and that is why it is a better idea to take your time with each exhibit.

When you are on a boat, then the experience is truly mesmerizing, and it is unlike anything that you have ever seen before.

This year 850 students from 20 different schools in Amsterdam also contributed in the artwork, under the guidance of Japanese artists Nagata and Monno they also created a memorable sculpture.

Arts in Light

These were some things that you need to know about the 7th Light Festival in Amsterdam. It takes place every year and it brings something completely unique. If you are going to Amsterdam this time of year, then you must see the light festival. This festival takes places every year, this means that if you are unable to reach there in time then there is always next year. You can tour the festival on your own or you can book a tour, the decision is yours.

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