The Five Captivating Sights At The Amsterdam Photography Fair

Art brings us closer together and has always been a binding force that has helped people to express ideas, arguments, and emotions in a way that is understandable to almost every individual on the planet. It is a highly effective tool which helps us set aside our differences through a mutually comprehensible medium.

Everything about Amsterdam’s Photography Fair is amazing, and visitors from around the city, country and abroad flock to this one-of-a-kind event to appreciate the art of photography in this part of the world. There are various things to look forward to in this event and they have been discussed in the lines below.

Climatic Concerns Expressed Through Photography

Our globe’s climatic concerns are increasing with every passing day however, our response to these disastrous atmospheric changes is not as encouraging as it should be. In light of the current situation, a charity organization collaborated with several photographers to capture the changing environment and its damaging impact on our surroundings.

This collection of images is one of a kind and brings forth the reality of our climatic concerns. Hopefully, it will be able to increase our awareness on the subject and help us redeeming ourselves as responsible inhabitants on this planet who are not only equally concerned about its well-being but are also willing to do something about it.

The event boasts over fifty galleries from across the globe and still, the real focus happens to be on the new rising talents and their works. This could be because these works are mostly unseen and attract people to look deep into them in order to be able to fully appreciate their beauty.

The works of these rising names in the field of photography provides a lot of hope for the future well-being of this art as well. It is estimated that the art of around ten new photographers will be displayed as part of a ‘Futures Talent Pool’ exhibition which is bound to fascinate visitors who are more interested in contemporary-yet-new work.

Rising Talents In The Realm Of Contemporary Photography

Open Gallery Night: Get To Appreciate Photography Like Never Before

The photography fair reaches its zenith on Saturday night when exclusive initiatives and dynamic openings are scheduled across the city of Amsterdam for one night only. This is called the Open Gallery Night, and this is where the fair steps into the city and goes beyond its parameter. People look toward this night for inspiration, a revitalization of their vision and to appreciate the intricacies of art and photography.

There is a lot at the fair’s book market to purchase. It has a number of different valuable items ranging from some really old monographs, crisp prints and hand printed small zines. The book market hosts seventy renowned publishing houses in the field which are expected to launch a number of different books each year. Moreover, a number of discussion programs and book signings are also held here to encourage people to take more interest in the art of photography.

Get Collectible Items

Fashion Photography And The Future

There is no doubt that fashion photography is a widely-followed genre of photography and a number of people are always on the lookout for new trends and fashion cues. Furthermore, people are highly interested in how fashion photography is helping in sending the right messages and how it is shaping our perceptions for a better future. Well, the Amsterdam Photography Fair has some of the finest thinkers on the subject commenting and discussing these and many other complex questions surrounding our society.

Some Final Words

As a tourist, art lover or photographer; the Amsterdam photography fair is a must-attend event for you. You should go there with your friends or family and truly cherish the works of some of the best photographers who share their view of the world. It is a unique opportunity to learn, acquire knowledge and develop an openness to delve into difficult discussions.

These were the five things among many other interesting attractions at the event that we thought you should know. Hope you get to visit this prestigious event and get to truly appreciate the creativity that human intellect can display in so many ways.