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The preparations are in full swing: the dates are set, the location is fixed and we are now accepting applications! Like last year, the Art in Redlight Foundation will organize an art fair boosting solo and double presentations of undiscovered talents, established artists and  leading galleries. And like last year, the fair takes place in the Beurs van Berlage late December. Unlike last year, we will carry a new name and launch a new design this spring…    

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Please find explanatory comments and terms and conditions for participation here.

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individual presentation: 3 x 3 m. (9 running meters)
double presentation, small 3 x 3 m. (9 running meters)
double presentation, large 6 x 3 m. (12 running meters)

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I declare that I wish to participate in Art in Redlight 2015, to be held from 29 December 2015 through 3 January 2016 at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam; under the conditions described in the Terms and Conditions for Participation (cf. ‘Deelnamevoorwaarden Art in Redlight 2015’) which I received and which I agree to.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Participation.

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This application form must be accompanied by documentation on the basis of which the selection committee may form an opinion. Participation is final only after agreement from the selection committee. Apart from an explanation of your work in the form below, we would like to receive 5 high resolution images (with specification in title) as well as an installation view of your works (either a photo or video clip of up to 1 minute of your work in your studio or in an exhibition space) through to, stating ‘Application Art in Redlight 2015 – artist name’. Images sent as part of the application procedure must be high quality and copyright free for non-commercial publication.

1. Statement about the work
How do you distinguish yourself from other artists and how do you deal with that issue? (up to 1000 characters)

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2. Statement about the work
Does your work fit in an existing school, artistic tradition or movement? Can you explain this? (up to 1000 characters)

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3. Statement about the work
How does your work relate to ‘our’ time? Is your work typical of this time - for example through the use of certain themes, material or techniques? Do you think your work has a specific meaning for this period in time?

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Closing date for images (through and form (by post or email): Friday 3 July 2015.

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